Science and Engineering Hall (SEH) will serve as the academic home for thousands of undergraduate and graduate students and will expand opportunities for learning inside and outside classrooms and labs. SEH facilitates opportunities for student researchers at GW to engage in all stages of the discovery process by witnessing and actively taking part in research. 


Unlocking Student Research Opportunities

Students working with faculty.

Working with Faculty

Students will reap the benefits of the state-of-the art facilities and rigorous courses, as well as proximity to faculty performing research that spans a range of topics, from tissue regeneration and drug delivery to robotics and sustainable ecosystems. 

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SEH students

In the Neighborhood

GW students have also engaged in internships and learning experiences in conjunction with Facebook, Google, NASA, Siemens and the Smithsonian Institution, among many others. With a new career center housed within the School of Engineering & Applied Science at SEH, GW is ensuring that its students are well prepared by facilitating internships and other professional development activities.

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Nelson A. Carbonell

“Investing in the infrastructure to support science and engineering learning and research is critical, particularly given the fact that science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers are projected to increase substantially. Our faculty now have more resources to perform their groundbreaking research, and our students will be prepared to become leaders in STEM fields.”

Nelson A. Carbonell

Chairman, Board of Trustees


State-of-the-Art Facilities

SEH Teaching Tower

Teaching Tower

Among the many teaching spaces in SEH, these 1,000-square-foot teaching labs are stacked at the center of the building from the third floor to the eighth floor. Enclosed by glass on three sides, they include labs for software engineering, circuitry and robotics.

SEH Nanotechnology Lab

Nanotechnology Teaching Lab

SEH also has a nanofabrication clean room dedicated to teaching—a rarity on college campuses—that will be used to expose students to the art of nanofabrication early on in their academic careers. GW researchers recently won a National Science Foundation grant to develop an undergraduate Nanotechnology Fellows Program to train students to use nanofabrication equipment and characterization tools.